Safe Payment Methods

As our environment changes, our personal behaviours change. The way consumers now purchase their goods and items, means we are vastly approaching a cashless society to reduce unnecessary contact.  Consumers are now comfortable using digital solutions to pay for services and products and we have adapted our proposition to enable this, allowing your staff and/or customers a more safe and convenient way to pay.

Contactless payment technology can be installed on new machines and retrofitted to most pre-existing machines. 

Fully Managed

The ability to leave your vending needs to us, provides you with the opportunity to focus on what counts. Delivering strong service and support, underpinned by our high service levels, we will become your trusted vending partner.

Effortless Maintenance

Local dedicated support, with reach back to our customer service team, allows you to maintain your productivity levels.

Designed for High Volume

Resilient and reliable machines, designed to serve thousands of customers efficiently, will help to increase your productivity levels.


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