Refreshing Water

Coolers: It is important that your staff and customers stay hydrated and have access to high-quality drinking water. We offer a variety of different solutions designed for different budgets and requirements, from floor standing, to table top point of use water coolers. These machines deliver a noticeably higher quality supply of chilled drinking water, in a cost-effective manner, compared with the more traditional, costly bottled water systems.

Our range of water coolers are plumbed directly into the mains, offering Brita filtered water at the touch of a button using the latest advance purification technology, making the installation of a water machine, a must for every business.

Boilers: Water boilers can be used countless times, servicing the needs of your staff and customers. We provide high quality, innovative products that offer real value for money and deliver unrivalled reliability. Our range of mains fed hot water boilers are Ideal for front of house and self-service operations.

  • Counter Top Boilers
  • Under Counter
  • Wall Mounted
  • Steam Boilers

All our Cooler & Boiler machines

AA First chrome boilerAA First 1500LCoolers & Boilers
AA First chrome boilerAA First 1200LCoolers & Boilers
AA First Powersmart 3AA First Powersmart 3Coolers & Boilers
AA First Arctic Spring 100cAA First Arctic Spring 100cCoolers & Boilers
AA First ArcticChill 88AA First ArcticChill 88 table topCoolers & Boilers
AA First ArcticChill 88AA First ArcticChill 88 floor standingCoolers & Boilers
AA First Arctic Star 55AA First Arctic Star 55Coolers & Boilers

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