Platinum Instant Large

Tastes differ, and that’s not a problem, with the So Pure Platinum Instant Large you drink the coffee with the taste, style and strength that you prefer.

Simple: you dispense your coffee with the ideal strength. Or if you prefer a fresh cup of tea, steaming cup of chocolate or just hot water, prepared in seconds through the separate hot water dispenser dispense head, the choice is yours. The So Pure Instant Large makes it nice and easy for you, no matter the drinking location from large or small food service industry or catering, the So Pure Instant Large is perfectly design for the Horeca world. With robust moulded door and membrane panel offers a quality and reliable beverage machine. If you’re in Dorset and looking for top-notch vending solutions, explore our range of machines, including Hot Drinks Vending Dorset, Tabletop Drink Machines Dorset, Snack Vending Machines Dorset, Cold Drinks Vending Machines Dorset, and Drinks Vending Machines Dorset. Experience convenience and quality with so pure instant large today.


Platinum Instant Large 4

Four canister instant coffee, chocolate, topping, sugar & hot water.

  • Instant Coffee: 1 x 2,3 litre ≈ 1,100 grams
  • Topping: 1 x 2,3 litre ≈ 1,250 grams
  • Chocolate: 1 x 4,8 litre ≈ 3,100 grams
  • Sugar: 1 x 2,3 litre ≈ 3,500 gram

platinum instant large 5

Five canister instant coffee with 2nd coffee option, chocolate, topping, sugar & hot water.

  • Instant Coffee: 1 x 2,3 litre ≈ 680 grams
  • 2nd Coffee: 1 x 2,3 litre ≈ 450 grams
  • Topping: 1 x 2,3 litre ≈ 1,250 grams
  • Chocolate: 1 x 2,3 litre ≈ 1,500 grams
  • Sugar: 1 x 2,3 litre ≈ 3,500 grams



  • Glass front door
  • Multi colour door
  • Larger branding area
  • Larger LED display for customer information
  • Stainless steel details on door
  • Rotatable cups stand for jugs
  • Height adjustable cup stand for medium and large
  • Branding on dispense cover


  • Quick fast dispensing
  • 10 drink selections
  • Separate key for milk, sugar and ‘start’
  • Drink strength regulation
  • Drink settings adjustable to needs
  • Various cup sizes & dispensing heights
  • Separate (hot) water dispensing point
  • Tough moulded door
  • Illuminated branding LED panel (low energy use)
  • Jug facility
  • Cup sensor
  • Easy in use and maintenance
  • Energy saving mode
  • Automatic cleaning program
  • Dispense counting (total / daily number of drinks)


  • 3 kW heating element
  • BRITA water filter systems
  • Stand-alone water supply.
  • Optional coin payment/contactless systems
  • Hygiene kit for ingredient/water contact parts
  • Key switch for free dispensing
  • Customer branding option


  • Capacity p/hour: 240 cups (120ml, 2300 W) 300 cups (120ml, 3100 W)
  • Dispensing speed: App. 8 sec (120ml)
  • Dimensions: H x W x D: 780mm* x 375mm x 605mm
  • Boiler volume: 4,5 litres
  • Maximum cup height: Variable
  • Power rating: ac 1N 230V, 50 Hz, 2300/3100 W
  • Water connection: 3/4” BSP
  • Weight (empty): 33,8kg