Yes! We provide flexible solutions to meet your budget and needs, please call to discuss.

We will support you through the process and work with you, to identify what is important to both you and your employees /customers. There are a number of components to consider:

  • What type of drinks you would like to serve, e.g. bean to cup coffee, fresh brew, instant coffee, tea
  • The environment you wish to locate your machines
  • The location - does the size and access points limit your options?
  • The number of people using the vending machine
  • What level of service you need? Are you happy for your employees to look after the machine or do you want a hassle-free, fully managed service?

We can provide a range of vending machines to suite your requirements. Our vending machines can be programmed to serve freshly brewed tea, just like you enjoy at home.

Yes. If you have chosen our fully managed service, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience. We will fill and clean your machine, manage all cash collections and cashless payments along with full technical support.

If you choose our Fully Managed Service, this will automatically include preventative maintenance and breakdown repairs.

Alternatively, if you own vending machines and fill them yourself, you can choose to sign up for a service maintenance plan, providing you with the peace of mind that we will carry out all preventative maintenance required and deal with any breakdowns quickly and efficiently.

Please call our Customer Service team on 01425 656066.


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